Helping Hands - Driven By Youth is a non profit organization completely run by youth. Helping Hands has the main objective of filling the gap between youth and community service by running fundraisers and various other projects across high schools and universities in Canada. Every year, Helping Hands partners with a homeless shelter in need and dedicates all the items, money and volunteer resources it has towards improving that shelter for that one year. The following year, Helping Hands partners with a new shelter and helps them. Everything that Helping Hands does is started, run, and executed by youth. This is done because Helping Hands aims to support youth in guiding them on the right path. By giving at-risk youth the opportunity to volunteer for the homeless by cooking food, raising care packages and more, Helping Hands allows them to see their potential. In the end, Helping Hands not only looks to help the homeless as much as it can through youth run events, but also prevent at-risk youth from making bad critical decisions.


Make An Impact


Helping Hands- Driven By Youth operates on two basic and overarching missions. Our first mission is simple; to improve the lives of hundreds of homeless and/or hungry people across our local communities. We do this by running clothing drives, gift basket programs and larger fundraiser events annually. All of our efforts are lead and organized by youth in our community. 100% of our proceeds are given to a partnered homeless shelter, in that particular city region. The proceeds are either donated in the form of purchased items that are necessary and in short supply or as direct cash deposits.

Our Mission



Our second mission comes from the youth. Helping Hands- Driven By Youth strives to create a network of youth across our communities, cities, and countries that are able to help those in need. Using the energy, creativity, and thinking of today’s youth, Helping Hands- Driven By Youth aims to fill the gap between youth and community service. By providing youth with first-hand experiences and volunteering opportunities, we expose the youth to many people who have made mistakes in their lives such as drug use and poor financial decisions. This experience comes with the realization that they must not make the same mistakes, and thus Helping Hands- Driven By Youth plays a significant role in the prevention of youth homelessness, drug addiction, and many other issues.


The purpose of these missions is to fill the large void that exists in society today. Multiple organizations serve youth who have already entered drug use, homelessness, or a multitude of other problems, but no one is addressing the issue of prevention. Prevention of these youth issues is what Helping Hands- Driven By Youth strives to solve, all while creating a network of active community serving youth, and being lead by youth in our communities. Helping Hands- Driven By Youth is creating future leaders in the community and across the nation.



Our current project is the Gift Basket Program. In this project we are planning to raise over 1000 baskets filled with supplies to be sent off to various shelters.

What We Need (new or gently used):


- Shoes

- Mittens

- Cereal

- Non-perishable food


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Gift Basket Program Items!